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Ice Sharks LEAD SyFy/Emile Smith Los Angeles

Orbital Christmas  SUPPORTING Mitsuyasu Sakai  Los Angeles

Afterthoughts  SUPPORTING  Peyton Skelton  Los Angeles

The Remedy LEAD P. Skelton Los Angeles

Diablo Canyon SUPPORTING Elgin Cahill  Denver, CO

The Illegals  LEAD  Trish Dalton Victoria, CAN 


Last Call with Carson Daly  As Jenna Shoemaker  NBC/Universal  Los Angeles


Available On Request

Photo Credits

•Outside Magazine, 2010

October & December 2010 Issues

XX Factor/Letters to Editor - Feature spread and article - Nationally Distributed


Harvard University, B.A. Psychology

Warner Loughlin Studios - intensive, immersion and advanced scene study

Crystal Carson - 6 week intensive, private coaching, on-going

Jamie Wollrab - Voice & Movement, Playhouse West, Sara Mornell - Private Coaching, Masterclass

9ONE8 Pictures

Out of her desire to create meaningful and compelling content, Jenna founded 9ONE8 Pictures. Her first project, IDENTITY, a docuseries aimed at tackling the brain health epidemic in sport, is currently in pre-production. Jenna hopes to shine a light on the epidemic and start a conversation that will impact real change in our society. Jenna is the creator & writer of the series and will serve as both co-director and producer.

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Representation :

Commercial/Endorsement - Los Angeles/New York

A3 Agency - Ashley Partington


The climbing never stops, the views just get better.

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