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Needle Fatigue

Day 8 and needle fatigue has most definitely set in.

17 shots down. An undetermined number to go. It could be as few as 9 or as many as 12.

Last night Menopur and Gonal-f were difficult. The right side is hard for my mom to get the proper angle on. Plus, now that three shots have to go in each side every night there's just a lot less space to work with.

I had to drive in this morning for a check-up. Blood work. Ultrasound.

Phlebotomist took my blood. It didn't hurt as much as the last few draws did but I bled a lot afterwards. I have no idea how to draw blood so it's hard to criticize, but I really do appreciate it when I get a nurse who can draw it without my even feeling it. I'm hoping she didn't beat the vein up too much because it's far from done with its duties. Yes, I actively think about which arm I should have them draw from, especially as I get closer to surgery day. I like to try to give my left arm as much of a break as I can heading in so it's easy for them to get me hooked up.

The good news. Everyone is growing.

The bad news. Not as fast as last time... which means more days and more shots.

It's not a real surprise to me that more eggs were measuring this morning because I feel like a stuffed chicken. I've got a cute little bloated belly now. Moving is a lot slower and all sitting requires a generous incline at all times. Normal pants are a thing of the past, definitely not in my future for the next week or so.

I went on another hour long walk today. If I were on a treadmill I'd say "incline zero, speed 2.2" ie. I am not moving at any kind of pace. "Walking" resembles more of a waddle at this point. Starting tomorrow walks will be strolls and if I make it around the block I'll be pleased.

I have been taking the opportunity to slow down and "smell the roses" when I walk. Since it's just spring and there are no roses yet, only a few tulips, it's more like I'm becoming "that nosy neighbor." I'm noticing all sorts of things I've taken for granted in the past. For example, I really looked at a stone wall today. Have you ever really looked at a stone wall? It's incredible. The way they can figure out how to stack and select the rocks the way they do is amazing. You notice a lot when you really take the time to truly see what you're looking at.

It's hard to properly describe the feeling. Just uncomfortable really. I get little twinges of pain on both sides that come and go. Just a constant reminder of what's happening in there (hopefully lots of follicle growth). Sleeping is a challenge. It's impossible to get comfortable if I'm not on my back and I wake myself up to pee at least three times every night. All of this for some little tiny eggs in little tiny follicles. Wild.

Good news. It was opening day at my favorite local ice cream shop. In business since 1902. So, my sweet post shot treat tonight was that much sweeter which helps a lot with that needle fatigue.

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